If it is a fun and innovative form of event entertainment you are looking for, then the search is over! The Big Collective has a vast range of creative entertainment solutions to give that memorable and personalised experience. Not only can clients enjoy a customisable photo booth, but you can also pair your snaps with some tasty catering entertainment and fun-filled gaming stations. With over eight years of experience, The Big Collective knows how to get the party started while also capturing the moment with innovative picture-worthy moments.

Unforgettable Moments

The Big Collective has worked hard over the years to develop a range of solutions and packages to ensure that clients can get the most out of their experience. Packages include customisable features for that ultimate experience, making it ideal for those aiming to make a good first impression and have a memorable impact on guests. Whether it is a special wedding whereby you would like to create a unique way of capturing the moment, or a brand launch that needs a touch of sophisticated personalisation, our team has you covered.

Strike A Pose

Photo booths are the new trend for all types of events, with a range of styles to help you find one best suited to your needs. The outer shell of most of The Big Collective’s photo booths can be customised with a personal message, branding, logos or design you have developed with The Big Collective designers. Not only this, but you are also able to customise your print outs, ensuring that your guests can enjoy a beautiful keepsake.

Depending on the impact you wish to have, the size of your venue, and the theme of your event, there are booths suited for every occasion. For example, if you have little space to work with, then you can benefit from The Big Collective’s Selfie Pod, which is a compact booth that still gives you high-quality prints outs. Another booth for small spaces is the iPad booth, where clients can enjoy the choice of three different types of booths that can easily be placed onto the wall.

Other booths, such as the Oval booth which provides clients with a classic black and white Hollywood vibe, are perfect for creating that luxury feel. If you’re really wanting to go all out and impress your guests while improving your online presence, then why not give our Hashtag Printing booth a go! With hashtag printing, guests are provided with a designated hashtag to your event, of which they can then post their photos from the event on to social media platforms and use the hashtag. This is a fantastic way of getting everyone involved, allowing guests to post online while also having a personalised print-out from your event!

Photo Booth Props

Digital Walls

Creating an engaging and interacting platform couldn’t be easier than with The Big Collective’s fun selection of digital graffiti walls. Guests can enjoy making their own design ready to be printed out onto a variety of souvenirs such as t-shirts and mugs with our graffiti wall live printing services. Stencils, templates and more are provided for maximum interaction and enjoyment, as well as the option for a mini graffiti wall for small event sizes. With the digital graffiti wall, guests can leave comments about products or a message about how they have enjoyed your event, giving you the perfect opportunity for audience feedback.

Another fantastic way to monitor the success of your event is through our innovative and highly technical Twitter wall. The Twitter wall is ideal for those wishing to allow guests to interact with online audiences. Using our interactive products such as a photo booth, you can upload images instantly online through social media platforms. Other elements included in this service are live custom surveys and the ability to track the return on investment. The Twitter wall is a great marketing tool for corporate events, brand and product launches, as well as charity events.

Event Entertainment

There are an abundance of event entertainment services and packages that The Big Collective has in store for you. From food entertainment to gaming stations, there are an endless supply of ways to enhance your event and create conversations. Waffle stations where guests can enjoy a freshly prepared waffle with all of the toppings they can dream of, such as silky and smooth sauces, sprinkles, fresh fruit and more! Why not dunk your fresh fruit into some delicious Belgium chocolate with The Big Collective’s chocolate fountain ready for hire? Or satisfy your sweet tooth a candy floss machine with the choice of five different flavours!

If you’re not a chocoholic but would still like to centre your event around some fun and chilled entertainment services, then The Big Collective has you covered with a selection of classic games tables. Choose from table tennis, foosball and more for some competitive fun amongst guests. Alternatively, you can bring modern and advanced technology to your event with a car simulator and virtual reality pod, both of which can be customised with a personal message or branding. This makes it ideal for product launches and corporate events, ensuring that you can project your brand’s message and goals across to guests.

For more intimate events such as weddings are birthdays, why not get the party started with our creative LED light-up venue decorations. Enjoy futuristic 3D LED dance floors to set the mood and show off your dance moves. The colouring can be customised to your personal taste, with block colours or rainbow effects available. Another form of light-up entertainment is our LED letters, whereby you can choose from a selection of letters, numbers and symbols for the perfect elegant backdrop to incorporate your hashtag printing!

LED Light Up Letters

Design Your Event Entertainment

If you have an event coming up and would like to incorporate some fun and innovative event entertainment, then get in contact with The Big Collective team today! The team can help you design your event with a range of products to help enhance your message. The team are more than happy to devise a plan with you in mind, customising your solutions to provide that added personalised feel.