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Waffle Station Hire In London.London.

Looking for the perfect addition to your dessert table? Well, look no further, The Big Collective has you covered with our delicious waffle station hire in London. You and your guests can enjoy a warm waffle stacked with your favourite sweet treats and fresh fruit!

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Fresh & Delicious

Our Waffle Station Hire

Introduce a deliciously delightful Belgium waffle to your event, all freshly made, prepared and cooked onsite by The Big Collective’s trained chef’s. You can dip, dunk or smother your waffle in various different toppings, such as cream, melted chocolate, fresh fruit or maple syrup. The waffle station can be incorporated into any event, drawing in the crowds with that ultimate personal and tasty experience. You can even pair your waffle station with a chocolate fountain, or a freshly made fruit palm tree.

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Why Choose Our Waffle Station

The waffle station is a great addition to your event, giving you a fantastic form of edible entertainment what will excite both young and older guest. It can also ease the pressure of preparation, as the waffles are made on site for freshness and ultimate tastiness. Our waffle station can also provide you with:

Ultimate Toppings

Guests can enjoy as many toppings as they want, going crazy with various different flavours or playing it safe with some coated sugar. If there are particular toppings that you would enjoy, or there are guests with allergies, then The Big Collective team can remove or add toppings to suit you.

Food & Hygiene Safe

The Big Collective team takes health and safety extremely seriously, and will always provide clients with a food and hygiene safe service. Allergy information will be provided, and the team are more than happy to talk you through our hygiene process.

Trained Chef

Making sure that every bite of your waffle is as tasty as possible, The Big Collective has a chef who will be making your waffles on site. This makes sure that every waffle is as fresh as possible, and that everyone can enjoy a luxury edible product.

Tasty Entertainment

Your Waffle Station Package

The Big Collective team want to make sure that your hire experience is as straightforward as possible, so will work with you to devise a package that best suits your requirements. However, we do offer a basic package to all clients, including all of the essential elements of the waffle making station:

  • Waffle maker
  • Belgian waffle mix
  • Three hour hire time
  • Waffle sticks, serving plates and napkins
  • Fully trained attendant
  • Delivery, set up and dismantle
  • Sauces to choose from, including dark chocolate, maple syrup, caramel and strawberry

Tasty Treats For All

Client Testimonial

"What a tasty treat to have at your birthday party! The chef was amazing at getting everyone involved, and there were more topping options than we could have imagined. Very impressed with this service and would highly recommend The Big Collective team."

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