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Photobooth Franchise in Dubai.Dubai.

The Big Collective is offering passionate and creative individuals the chance to join a fun and entertaining photobooth franchise in Dubai. With expert knowledge at hand, you can become a successful business owner without having to go through it alone.

You’re Not Alone.

Receiving Business Support.

Support is a significant factor in the success of your business, and it is something that is highly regarded here at The Big Collective. We believe that in order to create a franchise that showcases the hard work that The Big Collective team and franchisees put in day to day, ongoing support is required. When you need a helping hand, whether it be through additional information on products or how to run your business, The Big Collective team are by your side every step of the way. Reap the benefits of running your own business, while still having the support you need when and if you require it.

Show Off Your Creative Side.

Innovative Entertainment Services.

Those looking to become a franchisee will share The Big Collective’s passion in providing innovative and high-quality services to clients for a range of events. Within these solutions, you can provide photobooths of various designs, food entertainment such as a waffle station, and gaming packages such as a virtual reality pod. By utilising these products, you can capture every moment and create an unforgettable event for your guests. The Big Collective team will advise you on how to use these products so that you can ensure you continue to provide quality services.

Supporting Your Journey

Why Join The Big Collective Franchise

The Big Collective team are looking for passionate individuals looking to start their own business. Franchisee businesses can take full advantage of the benefits that come alongside owning their own business with the added bonus of continuous support. When joining The Big Collective franchise, you can benefit from the following:

Leading Technology

The Big Collective has worked hard to build a reputation for offering industry-leading products and services to clients, all of which will be given to you when you join our franchise.

Expert Advice

Every team member has extensive knowledge within the entertainment industry and will be providing you with professional information to help your business succeed.

Established Relationships

Over the years, The Big Collective has formed a range of relationships with leading brands, all of which you can utilise to expand your horizons and grow your business.

Client Testimonial

"Before I started offering my services to clients, The Big Collective team made sure that I knew everything, from equipment set up to entertaining guests, which made me feel confident about my new venture. I love my new job and the fact that I get to decided which path I take, it was honestly the best decision I have made in a long while. "

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