Whether you’re planning a big or small wedding, indoors or outside, there are tons of fabulous wedding entertainment ideas to add an extra special touch to your big day. But, with so many great options to choose from, how do you even begin shortlisting your favourites? To start your journey to finding the perfect wedding entertainment ideas for you, we’ve pieced together a guide to our top 23!

Wedding Entertainment Ideas UK

From traditional musical entertainment to interactive alternatives, there are endless ways to keep your guests entertained, helping you to plan a day to remember. Our wonderful wedding entertainment ideas range from our renowned photo booth hire in London to fun food options that will keep everyone – even your littlest guests – entertained. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the following:

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    DIY Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    If you have a smaller budget for your wedding, our DIY wedding entertainment ideas are a brilliant way to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves without breaking the bank!

    1. Wedding Guest Bingo

    We love this idea since it’s super unique and will be something that will give your guests a good laugh and fond memories for years to come. You can set up a game of wedding guest bingo by making some wedding bingo cards or purchasing some on Etsy. These will contain boxes with descriptions such as ‘left-handed’ and ‘is wearing pink nail polish’. Guests try to find other guests matching each description in order to tick off a row of five boxes, making them the winner!

    2. Karaoke

    Setting up a karaoke station is surprisingly simple and a brilliant DIY wedding entertainment method, as you do not necessarily require professional help. All you’ll need is a karaoke machine, which you can set up in a small room within your venue, or in the main space if you want it to be a focal point of the event. Guests will be able to use the machine as they please, and you are sure to be surprised by what you might hear, for the best or the worst!

    3. The Shoe Game

    The shoe game is a classic form of entertainment at weddings. To play it, the couple will sit back to back in chairs, each holding one of their own shoes and one of their partner’s. Someone, usually the maid of honour and or best man, will read out questions beginning with ‘who is more likely to’ or ‘who is the best at’. The couple will each hold up the shoe of one person to answer the question without knowing what their partner’s answer is. This game is bound to be sweet, funny and sentimental for guests to watch, making it an ideal, cost-effective source of wedding entertainment.

    Shoe Game

    Alternative Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    If you’ve chosen an alternative style and theme for your wedding, you will naturally want your chosen entertainment to reflect this. Here are some alternative wedding entertainment ideas to get you started:

    4. Retro Arcade

    Why not treat your guests to a nostalgic blast from the past by setting up a retro arcade in your venue? Not only will this provide hours of entertainment and fun memories to guests of all ages, but it will also add to the aesthetics of your wedding. From coin pushers to air hockey tables, there are endless options of games to include. Take a look at Amusements to explore these!

    5. Palm Reader

    Hiring a palm reader as entertainment for your wedding is a great way to amuse your guests – everyone will be able to receive a reading throughout the course of the night, which they will likely want to discuss with other guests. This could even serve as a good way to break the ice between guests who have not met before or do not know each other very well, encouraging mingling!

    6. Fire Performers

    Professional fire performers or fire breathers complete incredible tricks and movements with fire, creating a thrilling show for your audience that will have them in disbelief! Not only this, fire performers can serve as the perfect post-sunset entertainment: once it’s dark outside, the light of the fire will become especially striking, creating a mesmerising visual show for your guests.

    Fire Performer

    Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

    Following the formalities of the ceremony, the wedding reception is where the newlyweds and their guests can have some fun. So, it’s only fair that our wedding reception entertainment ideas are filled with giggles and hours of amusement!

    7. Photobooth

    Our wedding photo booth hire in London is, by far, the most popular entertainment option amongst our lovely clients. With the ability to add a personal twist to the exterior, backdrops, printouts and more, it couldn’t be easier to tailor your hire to your special day. And even better, with unlimited printouts and a box of fun props as standard in every package, you’re guaranteed endless fun. Why not take a look at our superb selection of photobooth styles and contact our team to start customising your package?

    8. Digital Graffiti Wall

    If you’re looking for something a little more unique yet still super interactive, then we’d most definitely recommend our graffiti wall hire in London. Designed to transform your guests into graffiti artists for the day, our digital walls are operated by innovative virtual spray cans used to create masterpieces. Our walls are typically accompanied by our live printing service, where creations can be printed directly onto mugs, t-shirts, keyrings and much more for a memorable keepsake!

    9. Outdoor Games

    For those planning a summertime wedding in the great outdoors, there is no better way to keep your guests entertained during the reception than through lawn games. From Jenga and Connect Four to Ring Toss and Corn Hole, outdoor games are ideal for guests of all ages, helping everyone to relax and let their hair down. Sid & Olive is an excellent provider of outdoor party games with hire prices starting at just £25.

    You could even consider hiring old-school carnival games such as High Striker, Hook A Duck and a Coconut Shy Stall. For the perfect finishing touch to your retro fairground theme, don’t forget to speak to our team about our popcorn machine and candyfloss stall hire!

    10. Firework Display

    What better way to end your big day than with a showstopping firework display? While this may be one of the pricer ideas on our list, the reactions of your beloved guests will be so worth it! Be sure to do plenty of in-depth research and hire a professional firework display company, and ensure that you have been given the go-ahead from your chosen venue before putting any plans into place.

    Wedding Firework Display

    Small Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    Small weddings are becoming increasingly popular, with many couples opting to celebrate their special day with only their nearest and dearest. This makes room for a host of fantastic small wedding entertainment ideas, with the following being our favourites:

    11. Close-Up Magician

    A close-up magician is perfect for captivating your wedding party, and with a smaller group to entertain, every guest will have the chance to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience first-hand. We’d always recommend meeting your chosen magician ahead of the big day to experience their fabulous tricks in person and make sure they have that WOW factor you need to mesmerise your guests!

    12. Caricaturist

    Booking a caricaturist is a super easy way to add a more relaxed, fun aspect to your big day while also providing your guests with an extra special souvenir of your wedding. Fewer guests mean that for the duration of your caricaturist hire, there will be plenty of time for everyone to spend time with your chosen artist with no huge queues of people waiting for their turn. Typically, it takes only 5 minutes for a caricaturist to create their masterpiece, so from here, you can determine how long your hire package should be. You can find a host of talented caricaturists who specialise in weddings on Warble Entertainment.

    13. Acoustic Act

    A smaller wedding means that you can truly immerse yourself in your entertainment, and what better way to charm your guests than through a live acoustic act? Offering a more personal approach to entertainment, your acoustic singer can perform songs that hold a special place in your heart as a couple, perfect for either after the ceremony when you’re mingling with your guests or post-meal. The beauty of an acoustic act is that there is no need for heavy equipment and music systems, allowing your guests to enjoy fabulous live music without overwhelming the smaller party.

    Wedding Singer

    Brunch Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    Whether you’re an early bird planning a mid-morning wedding or would like to spend extra time with your loved ones the following day, there are many ways that you can add a fun touch to your upcoming wedding brunch. Take a look at our brunch wedding entertainment ideas for inspiration:

    14. Food Stalls

    When your guests hear the word “brunch”, they’re not going to expect a formal, three-course meal which means that you have the opportunity to get creative with your catering. A brunch is a perfect excuse to opt for something a little more casual, making hiring your favourite food stalls a fantastic option. Some examples of tasty food stalls to consider include:

    • Waffle Station
    • Ice Cream Roll Stall
    • Fish & Chip Van
    • Crepe Stall
    • Woodfired Pizza Van
    • Sushi Counter
    • Sandwich & Toastie Stall

    15. Wedding Themed Quiz

    Be sure to take full advantage of the relaxed atmosphere of a brunch by planning the ultimate wedding-themed quiz. It will be entirely your choice whether you plan individual quizzes for guests to complete solo against their fellow table members or ask each table to join forces to play against one another. The questions can be anything from general knowledge to those tailored to the newlyweds, testing guests on how well they know the couple – the options are endless!

    16. Live Music

    Although we’ve already mentioned an acoustic act in our list of ideas, we’re now moving on to live music that can entertain a larger crowd while they tuck into their delicious food. Your chosen option will depend on the type of atmosphere you aspire to create at your brunch. For example, a string trio or pianist would be perfect for a more traditional, calming ambience. But for those who prefer a more upbeat vibe where guests can sing along and dance, a DJ would be a better-suited choice.

    Bride Watching Singer

    Wedding Table Entertainment Ideas

    The wedding meal is the first opportunity to take a moment to relax with your partner, which means that it can be tricky to know how to keep your guest entertained. But not to worry, we’ve put together three great wedding table entertainment ideas:

    17. Ice Breaker Questions

    Unless you’re planning a very small wedding, it’s more than likely that many of your guests will be sitting with people that they are meeting for the first time. To give them a little nudge to start the conversation, icebreaker questions are perfect. These range from easy topics to get the ball rolling to questions about the newlyweds. Take a look at Hitched for 125 fabulous icebreaker question ideas!

    18. Wedding Speech Bingo

    Another great way to get your guests mingling is through a game of bingo – because who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? But this is bingo with a difference. Included on each card will be those cliché phrases that you hear in every wedding speech, along with the typical sayings that your groom, bride, maid of honour or best man is known for. Find out more about creating wedding speech bingo on One Fab Day, and don’t forget to organise a prize for the winner!

    19. Picture Scavenger Hunt

    There is no such thing as too many photos on a wedding day. So, to keep the snaps flooding in, why not set up a picture scavenger hunt? On each table, pop a list of 20 memorable wedding moments and encourage your guests to try and capture as many as possible. These can include photos such as a group selfie, the first dance and friends saying cheers!

    Wedding Party Taking Photo

    Ideas For Children’s Entertainment At Weddings

    Having spent years specialising in wedding entertainment in London, we understand that the trickiest guests to keep occupied will always be the littlest members of the family. Over the years, we’ve picked up a host of excellent ideas for children’s entertainment at weddings, including the following:

    20. Crafting Table

    Kids love to use their imagination to create something extraordinary, making a crafting table one of the most popular ways to keep little ones occupied during a wedding reception. It is also a super easy idea to set up without any need for professional help. Simply allocate a table away from the main seating area (yet still in sight, of course) and fill the space with craft supplies. From paper, card and felt to paint, pipe cleaners, and play dough, you can find all of the supplies you could possibly need at Hobbycraft.

    21. Outdoor Inflatables

    Bouncy castles and inflatable slides have become a staple addition to summer, child-friendly weddings for as long as we can remember, so it was only fitting that they landed a place on our list. Children adore being able to let out their energy on outdoor inflatables, so sometimes the best option is to keep it simple and opt for entertainment you know will go down a storm!

    22. Professional Entertainer

    Suppose you will have lots of children attending your wedding and have a higher budget. In that case, there is no better way to keep the youngest guests enjoying themselves and behaving than through a professional entertainer. If possible, always try to meet with your chosen entertainer before hiring their services to gauge whether they are the right person to care for the smallest members of your special day.

    23. Movie Room

    Last but most definitely not least is a movie room. Little ones become engrossed in their favourite films, especially before bedtime, making a movie room perfect for during your evening reception. Allocate a space in your venue where the children can wind down on comfortable beanbags with cushions, blankets and, of course, a few little treats to tuck into!

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      Great Entertainment For A Day To Remember!

      With so many incredible wedding entertainment ideas, you most definitely won’t be short on options. The key is to keep in mind the number of guests you’ll be hosting, their age groups, your chosen wedding theme, and most importantly, what entertainment you and your partner would enjoy the most. As always, The Big Collective are just a phone call away and more than happy to help you out should you want to discuss our wedding entertainment packages. From our digital graffiti wall to our wedding photo booth hire in London, it couldn’t be easier to add a WOW factor to your big day!