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When introducing your new brand, it is important that you make an exceptional first impression that your guests are never going to forget. This is easier than you may have imaged, with a selection of The Big Collective’s brand launch hire services in London.

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Interacting Solutions

Digital Wall

If you’re looking for a service that can provide you with interactive features that not only get your guests talking, but also engaging with the feature themselves, then look no further. The Big Collective has a brand launch digital wall in London that can help to enhance your presence without the burden of having to clean up. Another feature that can benefit your brand launch is The Big Collective’s Twitter wall; this feature allows your guests to share feedback while interacting with online audiences. Our team are here to help you incorporate the best features for a high impact on your audience, and are more than happy to help you design your event entertainment to maximise your guest experience.

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Interacting Solutions

Social Media Analytics

Find out how well your brand launch is doing by tracking what your audience are saying with The Big Collective’s industry-leading brand launch social media analytics in London. Through this service, you are able to engage with your audience, creating customised digital platforms, surveys and live competitions. The Big Collective’s social media analytics provides clients with the basic tools to analyse and monitor the return of investment for your activity. Included in this service is:

  • Live uploading from interactive products such as our booths to online platforms
  • Data capture
  • Custom surveys
  • In-depth analytics and metrics
  • Full moderation

Eye Catching Events

Brand Launch Entertainment

Entertaining your guests is all part of attempting to create an engaging platform that creates discussion around your branding. The Big Collective has a selection of packages and brand launch entertainment in London that can aid you in achieving your event goals.

Mosaic Wall

Guests can take a photo using a compact booth, of which will either be printed out on a sticky back or placed onto the digital screen. Our brand launch mosaic wall is guaranteed to create an engaging and entertaining feature.

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Photo Globe

Create a personalised, branded backdrop for guests to take a photo in our brand launch photo globe in London. The globe can be customised to suit your brand’s image or launch theme through the use of confetti, fake snow and more.

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Racing Car Simulator

The Big Collective’s brand launch racing car simulator in London is an ideal solution for attracting potential customers in crowded areas. Additionally, the simulator can be fully customised with your branding through the outer shell of the product.

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Standing Out From The Crowd

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"It can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but it was made so much easier with The Big Collective’s solutions. We sat down with the team who helped us not only to plan but also to design our package, and we were very pleased with the outcome."

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