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Social Media Analytics Tools

Portraying your brand message through the right marketing tools can have a significant impact on how successful your event is, especially when utilising this tool during a product launch. The Big Collective team will work alongside you to ensure that brand guidelines are kept at the forefront of your campaign. Our social media analytics tools in London can provide you with the following:


Enhance your event and get your message across through personalised tools that have been formatted to generate a return and improve investment.


Create a platform where your guests, as well as online audiences, can interact and engage with your content, having their say and improving your brand’s awareness online.


Understand how well your event is going and track the success of your function, giving you a better understanding of how you can improve, maintain or adjust your campaign.

Tools That Work For You

Social Media Analytic Options

The Big Collective wants to ensure that you can achieve the best results when using our social media analytics tools. For this reason, we offer clients a basic and advanced option depending on what it is they wish to achieve. These options vary and provide you with additional support when required:


Included in the basic package is the ability to upload images produced from your entertainment products via email, text, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Data capture and custom surveys are also available, providing you with the basic tools to measure return on investment in regards to your event.


In-depth analytics and metrics via a fully customised digital platform can offer you an overview of the content your entertainment products produce. This will help you to evaluate the success of your campaign, as well as having the ability to run live campaigns and upload and manage multi-format content, including videos, GIF’s and photos.

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Client Testimonial

"After using the social media and analytic service with The Big Collective, we are currently making adjustments to our next campaign to make sure that it does just as well, if not better than the last. It was really interesting to see the immediate thoughts of our potential customers, and it is well worth every penny. Thank you to the team for their hard work before, during and after the event."

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