At a time when safety is of the utmost importance, we have put measures in place to ensure that our team and clients are safe at all times. Please see below information regarding our COVID-19 policy and regular updates, and feel free to contact our team for additional information.

COVID-19 Updates

As the guidance provided by the government is continuously changing, we want to ensure that all clients are up to date with our latest advancements and safety measures we put in place. Our policy page will be changed in accordance with the latest government updates, so the information provided is accurate for our services.

Latest Update – 5th April 2021

We are pleased to announce that following the government’s announcement on the 5th April, The Big Collective will be open for business as of 12th April. All of our services will be available for small private bookings following government guidance on party attendee numbers.

Our team will also be maintaining strict COVID-19 measures to ensure that both they, and you, are safe throughout your hire. You can find out more about our COVID policy below.

To pre-book any of our services ready for our reopening, please contact our team on 020 3369 5950. Please find out more about our COVID policy below, and we look forward to seeing you.

Our COVID-19 Policy

To ensure that our services are safe for our team and clients, we have put strict safety measures in place. When attending your venue, our team will follow government guidance, and we kindly ask that you also respect the safety of our team when attending your site.

  • 1. When attending your site, our team will be provided with face coverings and/or shields, hand sanitisers and further protection.
  • 2. Where possible, our team will maintain a 2m distance at all times. Where this is not possible, additional safety precautions will be made.
  • 3. You must allow our team to set up photo booths and additional services on time.
  • 4. Equipment will be regularly cleaned in between uses to maximise safety, and our team are happy to discuss how we intend on keeping your guests safe before attending your venue.
  • 5. If any of our team show signs of infection, they will immediately be asked to remain at home, and all those that came into contact will also be asked to isolate.
  • 6. If you have had a fever, dry cough or sore throat or have been tested +ve for ACTIVE COVID-19 in the last 14 days, please contact the team immediately.

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