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Bring your branding to life with a stunning mosaic wall, using smart technology and providing you with physical and digital masterpieces. Guests can help you to create a piece of art through our mosaic wall hire in London, providing your event with an engaging experience.

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Brandable Solutions

Our Mosaic Wall

You can take an image of your choosing, including your branding or products, or you can design an image with our designers to ensure that your message is delivered. Your guests will then head over to a photo booth and take a selfie; these images will then either show up on a digital screen or be printed out with an adhesive back and numbered. Guests will then have to find their designated area and stick their image to the wall. Over time, this will form a stunning mosaic wall, which can be printed onto various forms of memorabilia. This is an excellent way to get everyone involved in your event, engaging with the content or presentation for a memorable experience.

Creative Event Entertainment

Enhancing Your Event

The mosaic wall is a great way to encourage guests to get involved in your presentation, making it ideal for certain events. You can easily enhance your event, adding a creative element that can bring a sense of fun and excitement to any event type. Some of the best ways to use the wall include:


Start by creating a fun and friendly atmosphere by getting everyone to take a selfie as they enter your conference, placing their image on the wall of which they can then sit down and see it form as each guest takes a photo. This will break the ice and give you confidence in your presentation.

Product Launch

What better way to reveal your new product than slowly forming an image with a mosaic wall. The mosaic wall will give you an intriguing element to your event, having your guests waiting in anticipation for the product to be exposed through their very own selfie.

Corporate Event

Throughout the event, gather groups of people to take a photo using the booth provided. Give them the adhesive photo and tell them to hold onto it until the end of the night. Finish the evening with a bang by getting each guest, one at a time, to come to the front of the venue to place their image on the wall to reveal a message or logo.

Tailored To You

Your Mosaic Wall Package

A mosaic wall isn’t any ordinary form of event entertainment and can bring you a unique twist to enhance your guest’s experience. Ensuring that you get the most out of your mosaic wall, The Big Collective team will provide you with the following:

  • Bespoke wall size: usually 40″ x 30″ or 60″ x 40″
  • TV is provided for the digital mosaic
  • Printing personal mobile phone pictures is available
  • Customisable and brandable

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Client Testimonial

"I am still getting emails about how well our latest conference went and how much they enjoyed the mosaic wall. It was a great addition to the event, and it made for the perfect finishing touch. The team were helpful in informing us of how to use the booth, and were more than happy to spend time teaching us how to get the best results. All in all, wonderful service."

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