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A wedding is a day that the special couple wants to remember for the rest of their lives with endless memories, so its no surprise that they remain one of the most common event types for our team to attend. So, as we continue to fight through the pandemic and many big days are on hold for the meantime, we thought we’d take a look back at a wedding we worked on last summer. The lovely Mr and Mrs Wilson-to-be got engaged more than five years ago, but after welcoming their first daughter into the world and moving to a new city, they decided to postpone planning their big day until the time was right. And when they felt ready to begin putting together the perfect day for tying the knot, we couldn’t have been happier when we received a phone call from them to help!

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From our very first chat with the wonderful couple, they had their hearts set on hiring a photo booth but having seen our collection of packages available, were unsure on which would be the best route. They also mentioned that they were somewhat restricted in terms of space as after filling their reception venue with tables, they worried that there would be little room for a booth. However, luckily, we had the perfect option to make sure that their guests could enjoy all of the much-loved features of a photo booth but without taking up too much space. This came in the form of our compact photo booth, otherwise known as the selfie pod, which is far smaller in size but can still be fully customised. Mr & Mrs Wilson loved the idea just as much as we did so went ahead with hiring the compact booth for their big day!

To create beautiful keepsakes for both them and their guests, Mr & Mrs Wilson personalised their photo printouts. It featured not only their name but also the date of their wedding, surrounded by a gorgeous white floral border. On the day of the wedding itself, we also ensured that all photos taken in the booth were saved onto a USB stick, which was given to the couple so that they could keep hold of the memories forever. The perfect entertainment that no one will forget!

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"Honestly could not thank The Big Collective more for all of their help. After waiting for so long for our wedding day, we wanted to make sure everything was perfect, and the photo booth certainly helped us to achieve that. We had guests of all ages, and they all absolutely loved it, and so did we. We’re now making a photo album of all of the photos taken in the booth! "

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