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iPad Photo Booth In London.London.

Various styles of booths are available to suit your theme when using The Big Collective’s iPad photo booth in London. High-quality and portable devices can be placed in a location best suited to you, making it ideal for events of all sizes.

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Our iPad Photo Booth

The Big Collective has three different iPad booths ready for you to hire, all of which come with their own benefits and packages. This form of booth can be mounted to a wall of a venue, restaurant or even an office, ensuring that you can incorporate other forms of entertainment such as our racing car simulator. The lighting options, sizing and appearance of each booth varies, allowing you to find one that best suits the theme of your event.

Styles That Suit You

Types Of iPad Booths

Whether you are looking for an ‘in your face’ booth that lights up, or an art gallery style frame, The Big Collective has you covered. With our range of exceptional and high-quality booths, you can design your entertainment around the theme of your event. The three different types of iPad booths that we offer and their packages are as follows:

Gallery Booth

Interactive and decorative, our gallery booth in London can bring a fun and entertaining element to any event. The frame is finished with a white powder coating, allowing you to choose between gold and silver finishes. This package includes:

  • Seated booth
  • Gallery mirror enclosure for 12.9″ iPad
  • Mirror facia
  • Photo media booth app
  • European Community Design Registration for design protection

Ring Booth

Ensuring that each and every picture is of high-quality, our ring booth in London comes with internal lighting with brightness controls. To further enhance the design, theme and style of your event, the facia is fully customisable. This package includes:

  • Wall-mounted ring light enclosure 10.5″ iPad
  • Integrated ring light
  • Customisable printed facia panel
  • Wall mount fixings
  • Power leads
  • One transport case
  • Photo media booth app

Slim Booth

Unlike the other iPad booths, our slim booth in London provides you with the option to fully customise your booth. Our designers can help you to design the front facia of the booth to create a frame that is in keeping with the rest of your event. This package includes:

  • Black powder coat
  • Wall-mounted enclosure for 10.5″ iPad
  • Custom printed facia panel
  • Wall fixings kit
  • Photo media booth app


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Client Testimonial

"The iPad booth just made things so easy, and we could place it well out of the way of the dance floor. While it may be small, it definitely stands out against the wall and is such a fun way to entertain everyone."

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