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Our Twitter Wall

Creating a one of a kind presentation, the Twitter wall offers a selection of marketing tools to enhance your corporate event, product launch or marketing campaign. Analytical dashboards can be utilised to your full advantage, providing you with a basis to have a big social impact. The wall works on a real-time basis, interacting your guests with online audiences by collecting social media posts and projecting them onto the stage. This is a great way to create an engaging and interesting presentation, ensuring that you provide a memorable experience for your guests.

Advanced Features

Customise Your Wall

Much like all of our other entertainment products, clients are able to customise their wall to create a personalised experience. Whether it be through the software itself or the presentation, logos, messages, colouring, graphics and more can all be added for the ultimate tailored event.

Moderated Software

Twitter wall software and hardware will be fully supported by The Big Collective team throughout your event. This software is highly customisable, coming with full moderation via comprehensive client dashboards. You are also able to embed content, such as advertising and videos, to further enhance your presentation. Additional options include live pooling and full analytics!

Presentation Options

Delivering a fully branded experience, our Twitter wall software can be fully customised to fit in with your presentation. Our dedicated designers can come up with a presentation design that portrays your business image and provides your guests with a memorable experience. Feel free to speak with the team about how we can customise your presentation.

Radiating Confidence

Client Testimonial

"After the Twitter wall being such a success for our last conference, we decided to use The Big Collective again, and we’re thrilled with the experience. The team will always go above and beyond to make sure the presentation is perfect, and we honestly couldn’t thank them enough."

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