2020 has been a tough year, with many events from important launches to big weddings all being put on hold and postponed to the new year. The event industry, in particular, has been hit pretty hard, but the one positive thing that has come out of this situation is the innovative ways to enhance experiences and continue celebrations through technology. We are lucky enough to live in a world of constant advancements in visual and communication technology, which makes it easier for us all to connect with one another despite being thousands of miles apart. So, with 2021 looking similar to the year we have just endured, here are some event industry trends that can help to elevate your event.

Elevate Experiences With Event Industry Trends

When it comes to event planning, it is very rare that you have to organise your event 100% online, which can make it tricky when trying to engage with your guests or audience. However, there are many innovative ways you can ensure that everyone has an exceptional and unforgettable experience. As specialists in the event entertainment industry, offering clients a range of services from our photo booth hire in London to our creative digital graffiti wall in London, we have a few tricks and tips up our sleeves to make any event stand out from the crowd. To give you some inspiration and ideas on how you can bring your event to life COVID style, here are our pointers on creating the best event of the year:

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After spending such a long time planning your wedding, it can be disheartening when you’re told that you can either no longer have the big day that you planned, or your loved ones are unable to attend to see you tie the knot. One factor that has proven difficult during the pandemic is the constant fluctuation of how many people that can attend your wedding. Not only this, but the amount of guests you can have also depends on where your wedding is held, which makes planning a COVID wedding even more stressful! As we are sure you are more than aware, the number one priority of your wedding day is keeping everyone safe and happy, and to do so, you will need to ensure that strict COVID measures are put in place on the big day. You can find a ton of tips and advice on how to plan a socially distanced wedding in our previous article.

However, keeping in mind that next year is likely to look similar to the year we have endured, it’s a good idea to think about clever ways you can bring the whole family together while keeping a safe distance. While you may not be able to invite everyone to attend in person, there are a few handy tricks that can make sure that you have the best day of your life. In our opinion, one of the best and most innovative ways to get everyone involved is with the hashtag printing booth. This allows you and your guests to print any photos they like by using an exclusive hashtag for your big day. Guests can take funny photos at home and have them printed at your wedding venue for some quirky snaps; you could even take your own pictures with the print outs and send them to your loved ones. Sounds like fun, right? Why not call the team to book your wedding hire services in London, including our unique photo booths perfect for socially distancing!

A popular trend for 2021 is the idea of having food delivered to your guests. Instead of having the traditional sit-down meal with friends and family, which isn’t particularly COVID friendly, having your wedding meal delivered straight to the doorstep of your guests can ensure that everyone feels invited and involved. This is ideal for all wedding guests, even those that may not have been able to attend your wedding in person regardless of the current circumstances. Choose a restaurant that you know everyone will be able to enjoy and can easily access, as this will make it easier for you to arrange for food to be delivered. For example, Dominos allows you to pre-order your food for that evening or even the next day, which can help you to make sure that everyone gets their food at roughly the same time. Video conferencing apps such as Zoom are then perfect for bringing everyone together to eat without putting anyone at risk!

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Proms & Balls

After many years of working hard, a prom or summer ball can be a big moment in a teenager’s life. It gives them the perfect opportunity to dress up, mess about on the dance floor and say goodbye to friends as they go their separate ways to university. Sadly, the pandemic has meant that many young students have missed out on the chance to throw one last big celebration. However, just because you can’t safely have everyone together, it doesn’t mean that you can’t all say your goodbyes over something all teenagers love – technology!

It is important to make sure that the day is still made to feel special, so any money you would have spent on the prom, put into little touches that will make your students feel excited. For example, personalised invitations are a great way to make the event formal. By using sites such as Papier you can personalise invitations with messages and photos; we recommend using a year group photo! Apps such as RingCentral Meetings allows you to have as many people as you like, send messages and screen share which is ideal for allowing students to communicate with one another and gives you the perfect opportunity to share a slideshow of images. For more ideas and inspiration on how to plan a virtual prom, we suggest taking a look at Kapwing Resources handy article.

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Brand & Product Launches

More and more people are valuing one-to-one time which can be hard with all the new conferencing tools often neglecting personal communications. If you are looking to have a lasting impression on your audience, then you want to make sure that you speak to them directly to have an impact. This can prove difficult in the current circumstances as your audience are no longer able to attend launches and come to you for a conversation at the end. However, there are still a few ways you can engage with your audience while keeping them intrigued and interested in your presentation. Much like all of the events mentioned, video conferencing tools are going to be your best friend, and it is important to make sure that you have a Q&A session by allowing guests to book a one-to-one video call with you after the presentation.

A unique way of enhancing engagement is through our social media analytics tools, whereby you can use interactive products such as our Twitter wall. The Twitter wall is a great feature to have at virtual events, as it allows guests to Tweet their thoughts, answers and responses to your event, and all the tweets will scroll on the screen. This can enhance one-to-one interaction while elevating your event through a simple and cost-effective engaging feature. Our team are experts in creating unique events, so if you’re having trouble finding engaging solutions for your virtual event, then please feel free to contact the team.

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Corporate Events

Whether you are congratulating your employees on their hard work, or informing teams of upcoming projects, corporate events are at the centre of all business ventures. Corporate conferences are essential for ensuring that your employees feel valued and have vital information to help your business succeed. While the pandemic has meant that large conferences have been put on hold, it certainly does not mean that you can’t have an impact on your employees. Usually, employees will join a conference for three main reasons; to learn, to be congratulated or to find out important information that could impact their work. This means that your first job is indicating how you can continue to achieve this while maintaining a safe distance.

The first step is to make sure that you have a platform that works well for those involved, and that you provide a strict time and date that the conference must start. Unlike traditional events where employees can chat to one another if you’re running a little behind, virtual events require strict timings to ensure that employees don’t wander off into the kitchen and miss key information. Additionally, you are going to want a platform that allows you to discuss information while also providing presentations, which will require a screen share feature. We would suggest considering Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting as they are both ideal for internal conferences. Creative Bloq has a handy guide to help you host a virtual event, including expert tips to ensure your employees remain engaged.

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Hosting An Event In 2021

It is clear that events in 2021 are not going to be the same as those we have previously enjoyed, but while they may be a little unconventional, there are still tonnes of ways you can make it one that no-one will forget. There are a host of new technology that can help you to create a memorable event, along with a selection of unique features such as our hashtag printing booth that are perfect for social distancing. If you are planning an event in 2021, and have no idea where to start, then why not speak with our experienced team for some tips and tricks? From brandable photobooths to a range of prom and ball hire services in London, you can piece together an event that will go down in COVID history!