We’re now officially in the lead up to the festive period, so if you are yet to already, it’s time to start putting together plans for your corporate Christmas party. This year, it’s finally looking as if our festive celebrations can return to normality – we definitely have some making up for the lost time to do!

Whether your team have continued to work from home or it’s been business as usual for the past few months, this year, there will be more ways than ever to end the year with a bang. For endless inspiration, take a look at our 14 wonderful Christmas party ideas, from virtual celebrations to festive-themed games and delicious food.

Get In The Festive Spirit With Our Christmas Party Ideas

The pandemic meant that we had to say goodbye to our 2020 festivities and hello to a relaxed, stay-at-home Christmas. And, according to an article by People Management, it’s predicted that one in four companies will continue to adopt the ‘working from home’ approach on a long-term basis. So, to ensure that every delegated Christmas party organiser leaves our article brimming with ideas, we have listed not only those that can be celebrated in person but also virtually from the comfort of your home. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the following:

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    Work Christmas Party Ideas

    Most companies are grabbing the opportunity to plan a huge festive celebration with both hands, and if this applies to you, you most definitely won’t be short for work Christmas party ideas. Take a look at our favourites:

    1. Traditional Christmas Party

    For big corporations, you can never go wrong with a traditional Christmas party featuring a tasty three-course meal followed by hours of fun on the dancefloor. As leading providers of photobooth hire in London, this is the most popular option amongst our clients, who work with our team to create a tailored package complete with festive-themed booth props.

    When planning the party of all parties, we would always recommend opting for a theme as this makes decorating, catering, games and dress codes far easier to navigate. It’ll also allow you to shortlist venues with ease, as your main requirement will be a location that fits your chosen aesthetic.

    2. Wreath Making Workshop

    More and more companies are now favouring a more relaxed approach to their Christmas party, and what better way to unwind than with something creative. A wreath making workshop is ideal for getting your team into the festive spirit while giving them a memorable keepsake to take home with them.

    There are tons of great wreath making workshops available across the UK, along with online alternatives that allow you to set up craft stations in your office and watch tutorials. Most online workshops also provide you with a kit with everything you need to make your very own wreath, making it a super easy event to put together. For a full list of online wreath making workshops starting from only £10 per person, take a look at Eventbrite.

    Wreath Making

    3. Retro Games Day

    No one can turn down the nostalgia of the games they loved as a kid, which means that a retro games day is guaranteed to go down a storm. You can combine digital games with traditional board games for a day filled with fun and a little competitiveness, of course! You could even complete your day with games table hire, clearing a space in the office to make way for a snooker or table tennis table.

    For those who like the idea of a day filled with games but are less keen on the retro theme, our virtual reality hire in London is the perfect solution. Each team member sits in the pod, and their surroundings transform into a futuristic world, whether it may be a rollercoaster or racing track. Feel free to get in touch for more information on our tailored hire packages.

    4. Christmas Market

    If you have a smaller team, why not book a day trip to one of the UK’s many fabulous Christmas markets? From ice skating and funfair rides to delicious sweet treat stalls, nothing says Christmas like wrapping up warm and wandering a festive market.

    Depending on where you are based and how far you are willing to travel, all major cities hold their own take on the traditional Christmas market. Of course, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London is the most popular, but there are also wonderful markets in Birmingham, Newcastle, York and many other locations. Take a look at European Best Destinations for a full guide to the different events taking place this year!

    5. Scavenger Hunt

    A festive-themed scavenger hunt is an excellent interactive activity that will also act as the perfect team building activity, helping your staff to enter the new year feeling united. You could either plan your own scavenger hunt around the workplace with Christmas riddles and clues that lead to a prize or venture outdoors for a pre-planned activity. If you’re interested in the second option, ClueGo is a brilliant company that offers GPS Christmas treasure hunts featuring a number of themed challenges around your local area, guaranteed to go down a storm with your team!

    Friends At Christmas Market

    Enjoyable Office Christmas Party Games Ideas

    If you’re back in the office, then it’s likely that your last day at work will be spent enjoying the festivities. To create a memorable day for your team, why not take advantage of themed enjoyable office Christmas party games ideas?

    6. Digital Graffiti Wall

    Our innovative digital graffiti wall in London is always a hit amongst our clients. Designed with interactivity in mind, the digital graffiti wall can be used to play games and turn your team members into graffiti artists for the day. Using stencils, animated images and virtual spray paint cans, their creations can be brought to life. The wall is typically accompanied by our live printing service, allowing all artwork to be instantly printed onto a keepsake of their choice, whether this may be a keyring, mug or even phone case.

    7. Gingerbread House Competition

    Another challenging idea that comes alongside a tasty treat to enjoy afterwards is a gingerbread house competition. Simply pick up a gingerbread house decorating kit for each team member and allocate a set amount of time to bring their creation to life. Don’t forget to choose a team of judges (pick people who are not competing – we need it to be fair, of course!) and ask them to select their favourite masterpiece.

    Decorating Gingerbread House

    8. Festive Bingo

    You can always rely on a game of bingo to get your team to let their hair down and interact with one another, and even better, there are plenty of pre-made festive-themed bingo games online to choose from. Amongst your celebrations, be sure to break up the day by delegating a caller and handing each team member their own unique bingo card. You can opt for having just one winner or award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize for those who have the winning cards. Take a look at The Spruce Crafts for ten free, printable Christmas bingo games.

    9. Christmas Bake Off

    If you have a team of budding bakers, then it’s more than likely they’ve been tuning into The Great British Bake Off for the past few weeks. So, as another delicious idea, why not arrange your very own Christmas-themed baking competition? Schedule a date in the diary in advance, so participants have plenty of time to perfect their sweet treat, and much like the above, choose a team of non-biased judges. We can guarantee that this idea will go down a treat – quite literally!

    Making Christmas Gingerbread

    Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

    Since the pandemic, working from home has become the norm, with many companies now opting to work remotely permanently. In this instance, it’s likely that you have staff dotted around the country, making planning an in-person party rather challenging. But, this definitely doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the festivities. Take a look at our virtual Christmas party ideas for inspiration!

    10. Virtual Christmas Quiz Night

    During our time spent in lockdown, quizzes over Zoom became our favourite Saturday evening pastime, so if you’re stuck for ideas, you know that you will not be able to go wrong with planning a Christmas themed quiz. Depending on how creative you’re feeling, you could choose a host to put together a quiz or use a pre-made alternative from the internet. If you know that everyone will be eager to get involved, then the best route will be to opt for the second choice as it means that no one will miss out on the competitiveness from being the host. Pub Quiz Questions HQ has a whole host of fantastic quizzes if you’re hoping to get one from online.

    Christmas Video Call

    11. Virtual Murder Mystery Party

    For those looking for something a little more unique, why not consider putting together a virtual murder mystery party? There are tonnes of excellent companies that are now specialising in putting together virtual events; you can find a list of options over on Stylist. Once you have chosen the company that you will go ahead with, you will then need to decide whether you want to invite your participants to dress up as their characters or whether you will keep it simple. You could even consider delivering themed snacks to the doors of your team members to set the atmosphere!

    12. Virtual Musical Bingo

    If you have a team of music enthusiasts, then we can be sure that they will love the idea of musical bingo. Putting a modern twist on the much-loved game, traditional bingo cards are still used, but instead of having numbers, these will be replaced with song names. The game host will then play only ten seconds of each song, and if a team member has the song on their card, they will mark off the spot. This will keep going until one lucky participant strikes off all of their songs and wins an extra special prize. This could be anything from a Christmas treat box to a gift voucher!

    Young Woman On Video Call

    13. Virtual Escape Room

    By far, one of the most popular challenges is the escape room, and you will be pleased to know that you’re now able to complete this activity virtually from the comfort of your home. Much like if you were to visit an escape room, the virtual activity will include a thorough briefing before you are let loose to use your problem-solving skills to the test. In teams of 3-4, you will be asked a host of questions and set challenges to crack the code before the time runs out. You can find more information on virtual escape rooms and book for Christmas over on Go To Events.

    14. Virtual Awards Ceremony

    Having worked from home in their comfy clothes for now almost two years, your staff will certainly be looking for an excuse to get dressed up and feel themselves again – hosting a virtual awards ceremony is perfect for just that! Set a date in December for your team members to get together one evening to celebrate the positives in what has been an incredibly stressful few years. This is also a fantastic way to make sure that everyone finishes the year feeling accomplished, boosting morale in time for the new year.

    Before your awards ceremony, be sure to put together a host of awards in different categories then send out virtual voting cards to each attendee. If you are stuck for inspiration on types of awards, take a look at Vantage Circle.

    Man On Video Call At Christmas

    Let The Festivities Commence!

    Whether you are celebrating in-person or virtually, this year is the perfect opportunity to reward your team members for all of their hard work over what has been an incredibly tough few years. Our fabulous Christmas party ideas mentioned above are just some of the ways that you can get into the festive spirit and lift the mood ready to start 2022 in style!

    If you are planning a celebration and in need of memorable entertainment, don’t forget our team are always just a phone call away. From our digital graffiti wall and event entertainment to our venue decorations and photo booth in London, we can work with you to create a bespoke package. Creating events that make an impact is what we do best, so let’s make your Christmas party one to remember!

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