Nothing compares to the happiness of welcoming a new bundle of joy to the world, and it is an occasion that most definitely calls for a celebration. While, in the past, baby showers were only popular over in the States, the excuse to meet with loved ones and enjoy time as a family has taken the UK by storm. However, with so many possibilities to consider when planning your very own baby shower, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin, even more so in the past year where meeting loved ones has been restricted. So as your personal event planning experts, we have put together some of our favourite baby shower ideas for some inspiration. Whether you are planning a virtual catch-up or waiting until we get the go-ahead that gathering can resume, we have you covered!

Baby Shower Ideas To Celebrate Your Bundle Of Joy!

Whether you are keeping in with the tradition and planning your baby shower ahead of the birth date or waiting until the newest member of the family can attend, it is always guaranteed to be a day filled with fun. Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate your news with those that mean the most, and as every occasion is personal, it is entirely your choice how you wish to make the day extra special.

If you are less keen on the conventional idea of a baby shower and looking for something a little different, then the planning process can be somewhat daunting (even though our past year has been filled with all things unconventional!). Luckily, we’re here to fill you with fabulous ideas, so let’s take a closer look at the following and start planning a day to remember!

Baby Shower Lights

1. Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

Although we will add suggestions on how to make almost all of our ideas video call-friendly, we thought that after the events of the past year, it was important to dedicate a section to virtual baby shower ideas. Although we would all love to celebrate surrounded by loved ones, many milestone events have been cancelled and traded in for those via video call. However, this most definitely doesn’t mean that you cannot have a fabulous time with those that mean the most.

When planning a virtual baby shower, your first step will be to choose which live video platform you will use. While Zoom calls have become ever so popular, you are limited to 40 minutes unless you pay for a subscription, so we recommend using an alternative. Skype, Facebook Messenger Rooms and FaceTime are all great options and allow for plenty of participants without a time limit. Once you have chosen a platform, be sure to send a digital invitation to your guests, letting them know the time, date and any extra information such as whether they need to download apps or create an account. What To Expect has put together a great guide with more details on how to plan a virtual baby shower.

2. Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

One of the easiest ways to make the planning process of any event as straightforward as possible and find a host of baby shower decoration ideas is to choose a theme. This is particularly beneficial if you’re new to baby shower planning and need a little direction. Why? Because a decor theme allows every aspect, even the small details, to be based around just one topic. Trust us, everything from balloons and bunting to napkins and plates will be a breeze to find when you have a theme in mind!

If you have been trusted to be responsible for planning a baby shower
on behalf of someone else, then you’ll most definitely have to speak with them to gauge an idea of their interests. Think about the themes that represent their personality and hobbies, something that they will truly enjoy every minute of. Those who are planning their own celebration, on the other hand, the power is in your hands. You can be as weird and wonderful or simple and peaceful as you wish, so don’t hesitate to think outside of the box! Just some of the many gorgeous quirky decor themes that we adore include:

  • Boho – If you love nothing more than embracing nature and setting off on adventures, then the boho theme is for you. Fill your day with flowers, cosy blankets and plenty of fairy lights for the ultimate laid-back vibes.
  • Safari – Take a walk on the wild side with a safari themed baby shower, incorporating jungle animals and wild plants. You can find a whole host of beautiful photos to inspire you on Pinterest.
  • Fairytale – Throw the perfect celebration for your very own princess or prince with the enchanting fairytale theme. Every decoration can be filled with delicate details and calming pastel colours.
  • Nursery Rhymes – While there are hundreds of nursery rhymes to choose from, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is our favourite, based on the theme of moons and stars for a magical look.

The Bump has put together a super helpful article with more fabulous baby shower themes. If you’re stuck on how to decide on the best option, then we also suggest taking a read through Billy Bibs’ guide to choosing your perfect theme.

Safari Themed Baby Shower

3. Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas

Over the past year, small outdoor gatherings have become our best friend and the only way to celebrate with our loved ones while preventing the spread of the virus. And although the British weather is notorious for being a little unpredictable, we have been blessed with our fair share of glorious days, so why not use this to your advantage? This is a fantastic choice for those who are due later this year and want to celebrate with a selected few friends and family members rather than wait until restrictions are completely lifted.

With this in mind, one of the most straightforward but enjoyable ways that you can throw the perfect outdoor baby shower without missing out on beautiful decorations is to plan an afternoon tea. Place a long wooden table accompanied by plenty of comfy seats in the garden, then its time for the exciting part, the decorating! Cover your table with a delicate, pastel-coloured table cloth or runner, and begin laying out your dinnerware, cutlery and teacups. In the centre will be all of your tiered cake stands and platters of goodies, making it super easy to plan, decorate and cater without the need for expert help. For an extra touch, you could even fill mason jars with flowers or fairy lights and finish your decor with some bunting!

4. Baby Shower Cake Ideas

In more recent years, bold, centrepiece cakes have created a focal point in all manner of events, including baby showers. So, if, just like us, you feel no event is complete without a delicious slice of cake, then you’ll be pleased to know that we have plenty of baby shower cake ideas!

The beauty of planning any celebration cake is that the possibilities are endless, you can pair your favourite flavours with a design that complements your theme. And for those less keen on ordering an entire cake, you do not necessarily have to go with a traditional style; if you prefer cupcakes or even cake pops, there is no reason why you cannot choose these instead. In fact, if you are planning a virtual baby shower, then these ideas will make it much easier to drop a tasty treat to each of your guests to enjoy.

Regardless of the cake style, type or flavour that you opt for, it will be entirely your choice whether you bake it yourself or order from a professional. If you choose to take on the challenge, then you’ll be able to find beautiful personalised cake toppers on Not On The High Street, along with super cute decorations over on Cake Craft World. Alternatively, for those putting together a design to send to an expert cake maker, then you can find a host of inspiration to match every theme on The Cuddl!

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea

5. Baby Shower Food Ideas

Although there are tones of baby shower food ideas, here at The Big Collective, we must admit that we do have a sweet tooth. Our favourite food idea is to create a delicious dessert table filled with treats that will accompany your baby shower theme. It is also a fantastic, not to mention super tasty, way that you can keep your guests fuelled for the afternoon. There will be no need to hire catering or spend hours preparing dishes as we can almost guarantee that your loved ones will be thrilled with the idea of helping themselves to a host of goodies.

Not only is incorporating a dessert table into your baby shower a mouthwatering addition, but it also creates a centrepiece for your decor, whether you may be hosting in a venue or from the comfort of your home. Our chocolate fountain in London, in particular, always goes down a treat (quite literally) in all manner of events. Packages include not only a selection of dipping foods of your choice but also skewers, napkins, bowls, plates and LED lighting for decoration. You could even opt for having our fully trained uniformed attendant on hand for the duration of your baby shower for a helping hand!

If you do not want to offer desserts only, then there is no reason why you cannot use this idea for savoury snacks. There are hundreds of tasty buffet-style foods that you can prepare for your guests while ensuring that there is something for everyone, such as:

6. Child-Friendly Baby Shower Ideas

For those who are not first-time parents or will be inviting friends and family with little ones, making your baby shower child-friendly would be perfect for getting everyone involved. Anyone with children knows how tricky it can be to find childminders to attend events that are adults-only. So, by inviting the smaller family members along too, you will instantly take away the extra hassle, meaning everyone who means the most can attend. It also gives the children the chance to make new friends and interact with others!

When looking for ways to throw a child-friendly baby shower, you most definitely will not be short of ideas. One of our favourite options is to give the little ones their own area of the venue, creating a cute play area filled with ways to keep them occupied. You can incorporate a craft table with lots of activities, as well as games and a chill corner to watch a film. Don’t forget to include a small buffet of finger food to refuel, including sandwiches, cakes, fruit and vegetables. For more tips on how to host a baby shower with kids as guests, take a look at The Spruce.

Kids Painting In Garden

7. Baby Shower Photo Ideas

The purpose of a baby shower is to make memories and celebrate your new arrival with loved ones, which means that capturing every moment is essential. A super trendy addition to events, which we adore, is creating a beautiful photo backdrop that fits perfectly with your theme. Depending on your budget, there are so many different ways that you can include a backdrop as you can opt for hiring or making your own.

For our baby shower planners who love getting creative using DIY techniques, putting together a balloon arch is an easy yet fabulous option. All you will need to do is pick up a sturdy fishing line which will act as your arch frame, along with plenty of balloons in your colour theme and a glue gun. For an extra touch, you could even add artificial flowers and foliage. Once you have put together all of your materials, then head over to ProFlowers for an easy 9-step balloon arch tutorial.

If you are looking for something a little more extravagant, then there is no better way to capture your baby shower than through a photo booth. Having offered photo booth hire in London for many years, our team will pair you with the best-suited package to your event. We have a vast selection of super modern, interactive booths available to fit your needs, from the selfie pod to iPad photo booth; all of which can be customised to your baby shower.

8. Baby Shower Game Ideas

It simply wouldn’t be a baby shower without a host of fun games to keep your guests entertained. Now, while the traditional options such as guess the baby food will always guarantee giggles, there are hundreds of alternatives to consider if you are looking for something a little different. These ideas can also easily be tailored if you are planning a virtual baby shower and include:

  • Who’s That Baby? – Ask all of your guests to bring along a photo of themselves as a baby. Pop them all onto the wall and label each with a number. Give guests 15 minutes to match the number with the correct person, and the one with the most correct answers wins. If you are celebrating via video call, simply put all of the photos together into a collage and then screen share.
  • Guess The Items – Gather a selection of common newborn-related items and place one into a bag. Pass the bag around the guests, get them to feel inside the bag without looking before writing down what they think it is. Keep going until all items have been used, then see who guessed the most right. For virtual baby showers, ask each of your loved ones to prepare a bag for another guest and then get them to drop it off ahead of the celebrations.
  • Name That Tune – Put together a list of songs which include the word “baby”. Play just five or ten seconds of the song to your guests and encourage them to name that tune!
  • Guess The Famous Parent – Before your baby shower, write the names of famous parents on pieces of paper, whether this may be from popular TV shows or films, and place them into a hat. Each guest at a time, get them to pick out a name without looking and show the rest to the guest. They will then have to guess who they are, with everyone else only being able to answer with “yes” or “no”. Again, this can easily be tailored for virtual baby showers.

For 40 more fantastic baby shower game ideas, take a look at Pampers, along with Happiest Baby for alternatives for a virtual celebration!

Baby Shower Games

9. Baby Shower Activity Ideas

Although baby showers are always filled with fun, if you have been to many, you may find that they often feature the same entertainment. With this in mind, a unique way to keep your guests occupied is to encourage them to get creative with cool activities. A super easy way to do this without needing a high budget is to set up a onesie or bib decorating station. All you will need to do is pick up your chosen item in bulk; ideally, in a plain white colour, they do not need to be expensive. You can then use either fabric markers or paints from your local craft shop to create your masterpieces! If you a planning a virtual baby shower, then these can all be picked up ahead of time and activity boxes delivered to the doorsteps of your guests.

Another creative way that you can add interactive entertainment to your in-person baby shower is through our innovative digital graffiti wall in London. Set up and managed by our friendly team, the digital graffiti wall allows guests to become a graffiti artist for the day with the chance to make use of virtual spray cans and an array of special effects. Once complete, all creations can then be printed onto keepsakes for guests to take home with them, whether this may be a mug, tea towel or keyring.

10. Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There is nothing more exciting than shopping for a newborn, but we can all admit that it can prove tricky to think of a unique gift that not everyone will buy. Especially if you are not first-time parents, it is more than likely that many of your generous gifts will be duplicate items or those that you may not necessarily make use of. With this in mind, why not opt for a more innovative alternative to baby shower gifts and use BabyLayaway? BabyLayaway is an online platform that allows parents to set up a profile for their new arrival, which loved ones can then contribute money to. All contributions will be placed into a virtual money pot, which the parents can then withdraw whenever they wish and spend on what they need. This is also fantastic for those celebrating virtually as it means that loved ones do not have to risk venturing to the shops or visiting your home to drop off parcels.

Friends Hugging

Throw The Perfect Baby Shower For Your New Arrival

The thought of planning any event type can be a little daunting, but this most definitely needn’t be the case. Especially when it comes to a baby shower, the celebration needs to be enjoyable and relaxing, allowing expectant parents to spend time with their loved ones. The day needs to be extra special and incorporate a touch of personality into every aspect, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box and be creative. Even if you cannot celebrate in person and are sticking to video call, the possibilities are endless!