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Photo Booth Franchise Opportunities.Opportunities.

If you are looking for a new and exciting adventure, then why not consider The Big Collective’s photo booth franchise opportunities? A host of event entertainment gives a perfect chance to put smiles on faces and enhance events. If you are interested in innovative event hire and have a creative mindset, then The Big Collective is offering you the opportunity to become your own manager with the support of an established corporation.

Management Suited To You.

Benefits Of Becoming A Franchise Business.

Starting your own business comes with a range of hurdles that can make it a stressful experience. However, becoming a franchise business allows you to take advantage of the benefits of managing yourself, while still having access to expert advice and support. There are an abundance of benefits to becoming part of The Big Collective, such as:

  • Brand awareness is already established
  • Simpler business financing through investors
  • Business relationships already in place
  • Business security to help with growth

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Running Your Business.

Over the years, The Big Collective have build up a reputation through exciting and innovative event entertainment; this reputation is recognisable through our creative and bright branding. To make sure that you market your business for a successful return on investment, The Big Collective will provide you with the necessary tools to support the start-up of your business and ongoing adventures.


Equipment, tools and other facilities that you will be providing your clients will be marked with The Big Collective branding, ensuring that you can market your business and take advantage of the reputation our team have built.


With years of experience, The Big Collective knows all the tips and tricks to successfully market a business. The team will provide you with the necessary marketing tools so you can benefit from professional and expert guidance


We know that ongoing support provides you with the comfort of knowing that you’re not alone. If you have any queries or need assistance with your business, The Big Collective team will always be a phone call away.

Lending A Helping Hand.

Offering Business Support.

When becoming a franchisee of The Big Collective, not only can you take advantage of the array of benefits, but you can also enhance your success with ongoing support from The Big Collective team. With over eight years’ worth of experience within the entertainment industry, our team know the ins and outs of what it takes to run a successful business. We want to make sure that you can also benefit from this success, providing you with the advice and support you require to manage and run your business while leaving you to manage yourself and your very own team.

Start Your Business.

Franchise In Your Area.

The Big Collective has franchise opportunities for those within various locations and looks forward to working with creative individuals. If you are looking for a new adventure within the entertainment industry, join The Big Collective and take full enjoyment out of the benefits and support the team can provide.

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Client Testimonial

"I became a franchisee a few months ago and have already seen a massive return on my investment. I was able to use The Big Collective’s relationships to market myself, and I have seen a fantastic response from client engagement. I love being in control and knowing that The Big Collective team are right behind me if I ever need help."

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