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Getting the younger generations involved in art can sometimes be tricky, and ensuring that your message is put across requires you to come up with something exciting, memorable and unique. The Digital Graffiti Wall is the perfect addition for various events, and an art exhibition incorporating culture and graffiti is the perfect excuse to get creative and create an engaging platform for guests to connect.

Creating A Memorable Experience

What we did

The Big Collective was approached by a client wanting to know more about how they could entertain their guests while keeping in tune with their graffiti exhibition. The team thought that the Digital Graffiti Wall would be the perfect addition due to its unique and engaging design. The Digital Graffiti Wall allows guests to create their own masterpiece, much like the artwork they could see around them on the surrounding walls, using stencils, spray cans and templates. All of the artwork created during the exhibition was then printed out onto t-shirts as a keepsake for the guests. The live printing feature for this service was a hit with the guests, and they thoroughly enjoyed taking away their marvellous creations.

On the day of the event, The Big Collective team ensured that they arrived with the Graffiti Wall before the event started to ensure that it was properly set up in time for the guests to arrive. The client also asked for an attendant to stay on-site throughout the event to ensure that guests could utilise every aspect of the graffiti wall. The combination of the digital wall and the beautiful graffiti on the walls surrounding the venue, created a stunning visual for guests, and most definitely had a lasting impact.

Services Used

The Perfect Event Addition!

Client Testimonial

"We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to the event, and the team were so friendly with the guests. We are so pleased with our experience that we will be booking with The Big Collective again next year for a similar event!"

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