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Birthdays are always the best time of year, where we can invite all of our loved ones and friends we haven’t seen much throughout the past few months to join in our celebrations. When it comes to a big celebration such as this clients 40th birthday party, The Big Collective team aren’t ones to hold back on the entertainment!

Memories That Last Forever

What we did

The Big Collective team has worked on various events, and birthdays are most definitely one of our favourites, with smiling faces and people enjoyed each others company. It was clear after the first conversation with this client that they knew exactly what they wanted but wasn’t too sure about the options available. The team showed them the array of photo booths that we have to offer, and the client eventually decided to go with our popular classic photo booth.

The classic photo booth, available when using our photobooth hire in London, allows the client to be able to decide upon a black or white shell with the addition of unlimited print outs with a personal message. It’s fair to say the client was excited about the prospect of adding a personalised touch to their entertainment and worked with the team to design a print out that their loved ones can cherish forever. Along with the print outs and classy photo booth, the client and their lovely guests were also about to enjoy the fun and creative prop box situated by the booth for some funny and memorable moments.

Overall, the client thoroughly enjoyed their evening and found looking back at their many photos one of the highlights of their evening. If you are interested in knowing more about our photo booths and how our team can help you to design event entertainment catered to your needs, then please feel free to contact the team about our photo booth hire in London.

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Client Testimonial

"We were over the moon and really impressed with what The Big Collective team were able to pull together. We all had such an amazing time, and I still can’t stop laughing at the photos that everyone took. Such a brilliant idea and a fantastic company to hire from!"

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